Evolucia Expands Its Lighting Products to the Pacific Region

With the primary focus of delivering high performing LED Aimed Optics Cobra Head roadway lighting for Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Region’s public lighting projects, Evolucia Inc. has established Evolucia LDU Pty Limited, a wholly owned Australian subsidiary of the Sarasota, Fla.-based Evolucia Inc.

This announcement is part of a larger global growth initiative for Evolucia following it recent announcement of a 51-49 percent joint venture agreement in Poland to create Evolucia Europe whereby Evolucia is expected to receive an $11 million licensing fee and retains 51 percent ownership for European exclusivity to manufacture, market and sell Evolucia branded LED lighting products.

“Both Australia and New Zealand are looking at carbon-emissions caps and have taken actions to ban inefficient light sources. Evolucia LED lighting solutions are among the few products on the market today that meet local standards, save energy and perform at the mandated light levels,” says Carol Gutierrez, vice president of Global Strategies for Evolucia Inc. “As we build our network across this continent, Evolucia LDU Pty Limited will control the entire supply chain: American Solid State Lighting technology, Taiwanese quality control, Chinese manufacturing efficiencies and an optimized lean supply chain management that delivers quality to customers at competitive costs.”

The new organization will be headquartered in Hobart, Tasmania. Lucas Jacometti will serve as general manager of Evolucia LDU Pty. Initially the new organization will focus on penetrating the public sector with the Evolucia Cobra Head LED Aimed Optics fixtures that meet Australian and New Zealand lighting standards. Concurrently, Evolucia will develop a network of exclusive and semi-exclusive distributorships and representatives with full access to the complete portfolio of Evolucia infrastructure and architectural interior and exterior LED product offerings.

Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific region currently specify low lighting levels compared to most international countries. Evolucia Aimed Optics fixtures reduce the risk of “hot spots” under the poles and “dark spots” between the poles.

“By recognizing the importance of the emerging LED market in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Region, Evolucia is now positioned to take advantage of the growth initiated by the elimination of inefficient lighting technologies put forward in these countries,” says Mel Interiano, Evolucia, CEO. “Our global strategy positions our company where the opportunity for growth is the greatest; the recent $11 million manufacturing and distribution agreement in Poland and today’s Australia-New Zealand announcement underscores that commitment.”

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