Exterior Lighting Retrofit Brightens New Jersey Tavern

Milton Inn with LED lightingMore than 80 percent energy savings was achieved with the LEDs relative to the previous 175- and 250-Watt metal halide technology.

Milton Inn with LED lighting

Installation of 10 26-Watt LED area light fixtures and three 20-Watt LED wallpacks enhance visibility and create an inviting ambiance while minimizing energy and maintenance costs and concerns.

The Milton Inn opened in the early 1960s as a local tavern and liquor store. Bringing an area landmark into the modern era was the recent mission at the Oak Ridge, N.J., restaurant/sports bar/liquor store and high-performing, energy-efficient LEDs helped to make that transformation complete. Providing outstanding visibility to the 9,000 square-foot facility’s exterior and parking lot facilities, RAB Lighting LEDs are ensuring that superior illumination, attractive energy savings and minimal maintenance will be on tap at the family-owned Milton Inn for a long time to come.

Embracing New Lighting

Owner Mike Gravino overhauled the Milton Inn in 2005 and made a number of modern enhancements with the help of Kyle Szpak, sales manager at A-Van Electrical Supply, Hawthorne, N.J. “Though the Milton Inn was now offering new services and targeting an expanded clientele, it was still relying on outdated metal halide fixtures to light the side of the building and parking lot,” Szpak says.

Gravino adds: “We were replacing the lights so frequently that we were probably only getting about one and a half years of life out of them. We just wanted lighting that was more efficient and maintenance-free.”

After assessing his lighting options with Szpak, Gravino decided to replace the HID fixtures on the exterior of the building with 20 Watt RAB LED Wallpacks and replace the HID fixtures in the parking lot with RAB’s 26 Watt LED area lights. The Milton Inn’s upgrade to RAB LEDs was a simple way to elevate the look, feel and performance of the building’s exterior while reducing energy consumption by more than 80 percent.

The LED wallpacks and area lights offer outstanding visibility and uniform distribution that enhances the appeal and safety of exterior areas.

Milton Inn with LED lighting

More than 80 percent energy savings was achieved with the LEDs relative to the previous 175- and 250-Watt metal halide technology.

Szpak says: “The fixtures were compact and light, so they were easy to put in. Installation was a smooth, one-for-one process that was completed quickly and without any problems.”

A Perfect Lighting Fit

“Although the lights were officially installed in Spring 2011, the LEDs look brand new,” Szpak boasts. “The lighting looks great and is more even and smooth than it was before. LEDs were ideal for Milton Inn’s application: They require minimal maintenance and deliver a lot of light for the wattage.”

Gravino couldn’t agree more. “RAB LEDs are a great product and the quality of the light is excellent,” he notes. “Based on our usage, we’ll get many, many years of light out of these fixtures while significantly reducing maintenance and consuming a lot less power. No maintenance, good lighting and less energy used. What more could you want? It’s definitely the way to go.”

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