Faour Glass Hurricane Door Design Receives U.S. Patent

Faour Glass Technologies (Faour Glass), a provider of custom architectural glass and glazing systems for the residential and commercial markets, was awarded a patent (Patent Number: US 10,309,147 B1) for its hurricane door design that performs with no major framing members.

The SLIMPACT Frameless Door System was introduced in 2017 and is designed and approved for large missile impact-resistance, meeting Florida’s High Velocity Hurricane Zone requirements. The SLIMPACT product line includes an automated door and the SLIMPACT Window, also patented. SLIMPACT offers a frameless impact-resistant option for architects, designers and owners.

SLIMPACT Windows and Doors feature a structural glazing technique with no framing on the window and minimal metal on the doors. The patented design provides unobstructed views while still meeting the industries toughest hurricane requirements.

“Our door patent further illustrates the focus we have on creating innovative products in the frameless glass and glazing market,” says Angelo Rivera, vice president and general manager of Faour Glass. “Our unique frameless window and door systems have been a huge success with architects and owners who are looking for a unique solution in creating expansive, unobstructed views, without sacrificing performance”

View the Faour Glass video news announcement here. For more information on SLIMPACT or Faour Glass Technologies visit online. 

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