Ferguson Acquires 13 HVAC, Lighting, Appliance and Plumbing Companies

Ferguson continued its expansion averaging one new deal a month and purchasing a total of 13 new companies in fiscal year 2015, which concludes July 31. The acquisitions spanned coast-to-coast and multiple business types, including waterworks, HVAC and plumbing distributors, in addition to eCommerce companies and appliance and lighting showrooms.

“Throughout Ferguson’s 62-year history, acquisitions have played a major role in our growth—M&A is an important component of our growth strategy,” says Ferguson CEO Frank Roach. “We view acquisitions as more than bricks and mortar, it’s about people. Ferguson has been fueled by a continual stream of talented associates and fresh ideas that help shape our business strategy and make us a better company.”

Ferguson looks for companies that integrate seamlessly with its core businesses, described as “bolt-on” acquisitions. Geography is also a key consideration for Ferguson. “We focus on markets where Ferguson has a limited presence or in existing markets where there is high-potential,” says Roach.

The company’s acquisition activity aligns with KPMG’s M&A Outlook, which reported that M&A in the U.S. has finally reached pre-crisis levels and found that acquisition momentum is expected to build throughout 2015.

Ferguson’s year-end results will be released on Sept. 29, 2015.

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