Find Propane Training, Research, Resources and Products through Updated Website

The Propane Education & Research Council has re-launched buildwithpropane.com, a website specifically designed to help residential and commercial building professionals find propane training, research, resources and products.

“Our newly redesigned website now helps builders, developers, remodelers, facility managers, HVAC professionals, and plumbers easily find the information they need to successfully integrate propane into their upcoming projects,” said Bridget Kidd, PERC’s director of residential and commercial programs. “We’ve made buildwithpropane.com a more effective tool that explains how propane systems, appliances, and equipment can improve efficiency, lower costs, provide greater comfort, and reduce carbon footprints.”

Thanks to various design improvements, buildwithpropane.com features a cleaner look with the latest propane news and trends conveniently found on the home page. Also located on the home page is PERC’s Propane Product Directory, which has expanded from just 350 products to nearly 4,000 following the website’s redevelopment.

“Time and time again, residential and commercial building professionals tell us they come to our site for product information,” Kidd said. “Now, with our more comprehensive directory, they have faster, easier access to a larger variety of propane-powered products, from boiler systems to water heaters to outdoor firepits and everything in between.”

Visitors to buildwithpropane.com can now also become members of the site, allowing them to access premium content, such as downloadable guides and the Propane Energy Update e-newsletter. Registered users can also save product directory search results for future reference. These users are awarded “Propane Power” points based on the level of engagement they have with the site. More engagement means more points, which raises their ranking and indicates their level of knowledge about building with propane.

Because building professionals are constantly on the go, PERC has made buildwithpropane.com mobile responsive, allowing users to view and access the site on their mobile devices. This is an especially significant improvement for contractors who may need to quickly access the product directory or other information while away from their computers.

Buildwithpropane.com is just one example of PERC’s ongoing efforts at providing the most up-to-date, useful information about propane safety and technology online. The Council also recently launched propane.com, a source of propane information across the fuel’s top markets: agriculture, commercial landscape, industrial, on-road fleets, and residential consumers.

“Our websites truly showcase propane’s versatility, as well as its economic and environmental benefits,” Kidd added. “We hope that through our efforts, we’ll be able to increase overall awareness of the many technologies available for homes and businesses.”

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