Fireclay Sinks Feature Farmhouse Style

Mediterranean-inspired fireclay sinks elevate the farmhouse sink to the next level of visual appeal.

When it comes to kitchen makeovers, everything old is new again. The farmhouse sink is making a resurgence in part due to its prevalence on interior decorating TV shows, and Bocchi is sweeping into the American market to meet that demand. Its line of Mediterranean-inspired fireclay sinks transform kitchens with a functional and durable touch designed to provide consumers the ability to express their individual sense of style.     

Farmhouse sink material options run the gamut from porcelain and enameled cast iron to stainless steel. Bocchi enters the U.S. market as an a European kitchen product pioneer backed by a Mediterranean influence which elevates the farmhouse sink to the next level of visual appeal.  

Consumers are insistent on having sink options that offer design flexibility, functionality and ease of cleaning that stand up to time and look as beautiful 10 years from now as they do today.  

For more information on how to transform a kitchen with a fireclay sink, visit Bocchi USA online. 

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