Florim USA Joins ‘We Build American’ Movement

Florim USA, a porcelain tile manufacturer, has joined the “We Build American” movement, which was created to persuade builders, remodelers and home buyers to use American-made materials when building or remodeling their homes. The program has been joined by more than 180 companies selling American-made building products.

“Our company is proud to take part in this commendable initiative,” says Stefano Rabaioli, vice president, Sales and Marketing, Florim USA. “In particular, because it encourages buying American-made building products to improve the economy and create jobs and opportunities in local communities across the country.”

For years, Florim USA has been committed to the green movement, especially in the development of ecologically sound tile materials. Its sustainable tile products are made with natural and recycled materials purchased from local landfills, which are then produced using energy-saving techniques. This eco-compatible production process minimizes negative environmental impact while providing products containing up to 40 percent recycled content. And because Florim USA hires local Tennessee workers, the production of these products provides continual job opportunities for them.

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