Fresh-Aire UV Donates a Portion of Its Sales to Warrior Events

Triplegic injured warrior Adam Keys has completed his bucket-list by trekking the 19,341-foot-high peak of Tanzania’s Mt. Kilimanjaro this year thanks in part to donations from Fresh-Aire UV and its Patriot IAQ program to veterans’ charity Warrior Events, Annapolis, Md.

Patriot IAQ is an indoor air quality (IAQ) equipment dealer program created by Fresh-Aire UV, Jupiter, Fla., where a portion of each sale’s proceeds are donated to veterans’ charities.

Fresh-Aire UV presented a check to Warrior Events, which helps partially fund veterans’ events, such as Keys’ five-day mountain-climb, and the incurred costs for Tanzanian trail guides, an EMT, supplies and travel. The 26-year-old Keys was the sole survivor when a truck transporting U.S. Army paratroopers was blown up by an Afghanistan roadside bomb in 2010. More than 100 surgeries later, Keys offered his inspirational achievement as a tribute to his fallen comrades that was featured on CBS This Morning’s “Pushing the Limits” series and Fox and Friends television shows.

The climbing effort propagated other veteran funding successes, such as Keys’ “adamkeys1stepforward” Facebook fundraising page that now gives 33-percent of its donations to Warrior Events.

Patriot IAQ dealers promote Fresh-Aire UV’s Blue Tube UV, APCO and other HVAC indoor air quality products under the Patriot IAQ brand. The branded program, which includes dealers such as service contractor B&B Air Conditioning & Heating Service Co. Inc., Rockville, Md., exists solely for the purposes of donating a percent of profits to military veteran charities. “We became a dealer last year, because we wanted to help veterans, and the air purification products were better technology than what we previously sold,” says Bill Williams, executive vice president, B&B Air Conditioning & Heating Service, which markets IAQ online and trains service techs to promote the Patriot IAQ’s profit sharing theme to homeowners.

“Our passion is to make sure everyone at our events feels special and that it feels like a bucket list event,“ states John O’Leary, chairman, Warrior Events, which funded 60-percent of Keys’ climb and co-hosted 55 other events in 2018 that brought injured veterans together with each other, friends and family.

“Patriot IAQ only donates to veteran charities that have little or no administrative costs, so that all the money gets to the people who need it,” says Ron Saunders, vice president, Fresh-Aire UV, which also sponsors other organizations such as the veteran hub, Ma Deuce Deuce (Ma22), Toms River, N.J., www.ma22.org. Ma22 is a non-profit, veteran advocacy group that raises awareness of the 22 daily veteran suicides epidemic.

For more information on Fresh-Aire UV or Patriot IAQ, please visit www.freshaireuv.com, call (800) 741-1195 or email [email protected].

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