Friendship Agreement to Raise Awareness of Lighting Design

The International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) has announced a friendship agreement with the Swiss-based lighting association, SLG Schweizer Licht Gesellschaft. The two organisations will work together to jointly promote the interests of independent lighting designers and to raise awareness of quality lighting design in Switzerland and German-speaking areas.

The friendship agreement was signed by IALD CEO Marsha L. Turner, CAE and Daniel Tschudy, managing director of SLG, who recognize the common goals that unite IALD and SLG. Both associations understand the importance of using professional, independent lighting designers in the development and design of indoor and outdoor spaces. Lighting designers understand how holistic lighting design leveraging both daylight and electric light is essential and central to the quality of life.

The initiative was spearheaded at a local level by IALD Alpine Chapter coordinators, Luciana Alanis of Lichtgold GmbH St. Gallen, and Julia Hartmann, IALD of lightsphere GmbH Zurich, who are both independent, professional lighting designers in Switzerland and active in both associations. Alanis and Hartmann believe that this agreement will enable collaboration and exchange between the two organizations and help promote the recognition of independent lighting designers.

The friendship agreement encourages the two organizations to promote cooperative discussions and create new activities to help raise awareness of the role of daylight and artificial light in architecture and the built environment. This is also the first step in initiating a dialogue between architects and lighting designers in German-speaking countries.

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