Furniture Specification Is Easier with Curated Collection of Fabrics

Studio TK presents the Graded In Program, a curated collection of fabrics from three powerful, dynamic textile manufacturers: Luum, Maharam, and Kvadrat. With these three brands, customers are provided with one convenient interface to research fabrics and their compatibility with Studio TK’s wide selection of workplace furniture.

“This program has enhanced and simplified the fabric specification process for our customers,” said Charlie Bell, President, Studio TK. “We hope to continue expanding the curated textile collection to provide endless possibilities.”

Accessible from the Studio TK website, the program offers a Fabric Database and Customer’s Own Material (COM) Approvals, as well as a Fabric and Materials Guide. The database serves as a reference tool to help clients filter through all company-approved fabrics. Customers can follow step-by-step instructions to put forth their fabrics for quality testing and then add to the approved database. Meanwhile, the guide compiles specific information about the finishes and materials, charting their available use on Studio TK seating and screens.

This program’s launch allows Studio TK to ease specification for the end user and align them with successful design brands. For Luum, it continues to create integrated collections for an integrated experience. As for Maharem, the program showcases its best-selling collections, and highlights the brand’s various coated fabrics. The wide range of durable materials bodes well for multiple venue types including offices and cafes. Kvadrat’s recent entrance into the North American market provides Studio TK clients access to the Scandinavian brand’s resilient fabrics.

For more information about the program, and additional details related to the strategic selection of design manufacturers, please visit .

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