Geberit Introduces Revamped Product and Parts Catalog

Geberit’s revamped Product and Parts Catalog features product details and a replacement parts section that combines Geberit Installation Systems, Flushing Systems and Actuator and Cover Plate parts. Replacement Parts are now combined in one inclusive section, allowing users to find replacement part information for any Geberit product.

The 74-page catalog includes in-wall systems, flush plates and push buttons, bath waste and overflow systems with exploded views, detailed replacement parts identification and optional accessories. All available Geberit model and replacement part numbers are identified. The catalog includes list pricing and an index of part numbers with page references.

Installers, plumbers, technicians, mechanical engineers and designers will find the catalog a reference for product installations, whether ordering new products or replacement parts. As a convenience, the catalog provides information on Geberit’s limited warranty and service policies.

Geberit systems increase usable space in bathrooms and powder rooms, giving the bathroom designer or builder more possibilities. Because the integral toilet tank is hidden behind the wall, the decorative flush plate attached to the wall is the only visible component of the Geberit system. This improves hygiene by making bathroom clean-up a breeze.

Geberit systems increase accessibility, save water, and offer more reliability over standard bathroom plumbing hardware. The in-wall carrier systems are designed for installation ease, attaching to existing wall framing and supply and waste piping using standard tools. Once installed, the system is practically maintenance-free. Should it become necessary, however, change-out of components can be accomplished without the use of tools.

To learn more about the Geberit Product and Parts Catalog please contact your Geberit sales representative, call Geberit Customer Service at (800)566-2100 or visit the website.

Download the Geberit Product and Parts Catalog here or call (800)566-2100 to request a copy.

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