Glass Windscreen Handles Increased Wind Load

The glass windscreen delivers unobstructed views while also diverting wind.
The glass windscreen delivers unobstructed views while also diverting wind.

Trex Commercial Products has introduced Ascent, a post-supported glass windscreen designed for commercial exterior use. Ideal around pools, outdoor dining areas and balconies, this product delivers unobstructed views while also diverting wind.

Reaching New Heights

While most commercial windscreen systems are capable of handling 10psf wind loads, Ascent is designed for eight times that amount, with a qualified wind load of 80psf. This increased wind load allows for installation at higher altitudes, such as balconies and rooftops. At a standard height of 6 feet, Ascent provides coverage for furniture and patrons; however, the product’s height is completely customizable based on individual project needs.

Installation That’s a Breeze

Unlike traditional glass windscreens that require installers to lift large panes of glass and slide them in from the top of the post system, Ascent uses an aluminum snap-fit system with concealed fasteners. With one side of the post in place, the glass is positioned in front of the system and held in by double-sided foam tape. The tape holds the first pane of glass in while the next piece of glass is installed. The cover is then snapped in from the front, securing the half-inch glass panel in place. To prevent corrosion, the posts are secured with an embedment or welded base plate, avoiding any contact with concrete.

Ascent is available in four finishes, powder coated, painted, Kynar and anodized, for a custom look to complement any setting.

For more information about Trex Commercial Products offerings and all-inclusive services, visit the website.

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