Global Tech LED’s Solstice System Receives U.S. Patent

Global Tech LED announces that its LED Solstice System has been awarded U.S. Patent numbers 9,091,424 and 8,979,304.

“We have experienced a large influx of copycat products from Asia that are infringing on our patents,” says Gary Mart, Global Tech LED CEO. “We will be unyielding in our pursuit of those that infringe, and the manufacturers, distributors and end users that do so will experience the legal consequences of their actions.”

“Not all LED products are created equal, and our U.S.-made Solstice products outpace and outperform any competitor on the market today, demonstrating the quality commitment driving our innovation.”

China is among several economies whose manufacturing price advantage over the U.S. is eroding, and other countries that are becoming less cost competitive include Brazil, Russia, the Czech Republic and Poland.

On the other side, moderate wage growth and lower energy prices are making the U.S. a desirable manufacturing destination. “More U.S. businesses are likely to produce goods closer to home in the coming years,” says Jeff Newman, president of Global Tech LED.

The offshore LED products entering the U.S. has delayed the adoption of this technology in the marketplace, and consumer confidence and knowledge in LED technology is still minimal because of offshore LED product failures in the field, and the consequential lack of remediation for the warranty in the U.S. There is a strong urge for distributors and consumers to use U.S.-made products to speed the adoption of this technology, which will help the economy by creating jobs, and provide the environment with sustainable, carbon reduction technology for the benefit of everyone.

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