Grants Issued for Using Science and Technology in Historic Preservation

National Park Service Director Jonathan B. Jarvis has announced the award of $195,000 in grants from the National Center for Preservation Technology & Training to assist with projects using science and technology for historic preservation.

“These innovative projects are developing new technologies or adapt existing technology to preserve our nation’s historic cultural resources,” Director Jarvis says. “We are pleased to provide assistance for these programs that are bringing the best skills and technology of the present to preserve the treasures of the past.”

The eight grants range from $8,000 to $25,000 for projects to better understand the range of climate-change impacts on cultural landscapes and the creation of a community-driven online project highlighting diverse Asian Pacific Islander historic resources throughout the country.

Since 1994, the National Park Service’s National Center for Preservation Technology and Training in Natchitoches, La., has funded science and technology projects in historic preservation. The center strives to create new technologies and training opportunities to preserve prehistoric and historic resources throughout the U.S.


Asian Law Caucus, Asian Pacific Islander Historic Sites Map: $20,000
Harvard College, Application of Biotechnology Technique for Accurate Identification of Regional Localization of Mammalian Materials in Native American Cultural Heritage: $25,000
Philadelphia University, Energy modeling of history buildings, improving simulation and verification techniques: $25,000
State University of New York, Preserving Timber Framing Structures with Non-destructive Evaluation of Critical Joinery: $25,000
National Park Service, Southeast Archeological Conservation Center, Cone and friction Cone Penetrometer Applications to Archeological Organic Midden Deposits: $25,000
University of Colorado Denver, Genetic Sequencing in the Bacterial Analysis of Mercury Treated Collections: $25,000
University of Delaware, Simple Rapid Corrosion Tests with Quantitative Image Analysis for Materials Reservation: $8,000
University of Oregon, A Preliminary Manual of Policy and Management Responses to Climate Change Impacts on Cultural Landscapes: $25,000

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