Guidelines Released to Help Develop Temporary Bracing for Metal Buildings

The Metal Buildings Institute (MBI) announces the release of Temporary Bracing Guidelines. This new design guide is meant to assist metal building contractors and erectors in developing temporary bracing and sequencing requirements for each metal building project. It is now available for purchase at the MBI website.
“Metal building systems are highly engineered buildings designed to work as a whole unit to meet the project requirements,” says Keith Wentworth, MBI president. “While this makes them efficient and cost-effective, it can also mean that they are vulnerable to stability deficiencies during construction. We’ve published this design guide to provide a resource for contractors and erectors to address those issues.”
Temporary Bracing Guidelines begins with an introduction to metal building systems and the need for temporary bracing during the construction process. Chapters two and three examine the various building loads during construction and the strength and stability of the metal building system and its individual components. The guide then looks at temporary bracing for the different stages of the building process and the sequence of erection, while chapter five provides an analysis of the engineering requirements and load calculations. The design guide finishes with an example case of bracing for a building under construction, including illustrations.
In addition to the design guide, MBI has released a short video, Brace The Build, in both English and Spanish, showing what can happen to a building when temporary bracing is not used. This video can be seen on the Metal Building Contractors and Erectors Association (MBCEA) YouTube channel.
MBI offers MBCEA members a discount on the list price for this design guide, as well as discounts on other MBI training modules. For information on how to access these benefits contact Sasha Demyan at [email protected], or learn more about MBCEA membership.

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