Humidifier and Air Purifier for Commercial Environments

Swizz Style's Brune B 500Swizz Style's Brune B 500

Swizz Style's Brune B 500

Swizz Style’s Brune B 500

According to new research from The Integrated Benefits Institute, which represents major U.S. employers and business coalitions, poor health costs the U.S. economy roughly $576 billion a year. This loss is a combination of sick days taken as well as decreased productivity from those workers who arrive to work feeling ill and do not perform their best. Swizz Style has released the German-engineered Brune B 500, the only mobile humidifier and air purifier with direct water supply possibility and high output capacity sufficient for areas up to 4200 square feet.

With no installation required, Brune is packed full of industry-required features that reduce airborne bacteria and particulate resulting in healthier living, working and public environments.

    High humidification performance of 16.5 Gallons/ day (5.75 lbs/h)
    Massive 11 gallon water reserve basin
    Ultimate mobility through steerable casters
    Whisper quiet operation through radial fan with 5 settings
    Environmentally friendly organic filter
    UV sterilization which kills most microorganisms and optional magnetic limescale conversion
    Self-diagnosing display for maintenance and malfunction
    Wireless hygrostat ranging up to 300 feet with only 3 percent humidity tolerance
    Activated charcoal clean air filter (optional)
    Direct water connection with automatic flush cleaning(optional)
    Safety accessories (optional)
    Uses cold evaporation process, therefore no white dust

The Brune humidifier is ideal for call centers, museums, schools, health-care offices, walk-in humidors and orchestra-type settings, virtually anywhere where low humidity and germ proliferation is a concern. Convenient and reliable, the B 500 Professional Humidifier works with normal tap water and can be retrofitted with the optional direct water kit that eliminates the need for manual filling. Operating and programming the unit through the supplied infrared remote control eliminates manipulation of settings by unauthorized persons in a public room or museum, and the self-diagnostic system assists in detecting needed filter replacement and alerts to possible malfunctions.

Available in Charcoal and White, the unit measures 29.7 by 24.4 by 14.7 inches (without accessories) and weighs approximately 52.9 pounds.


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