HVLS Fan Cools Bogi’s Girl Gang Garage

Hunter Industrial, a division of the Hunter Fan Co., has partnered with Bogi’s Girl Gang Garage, an all-female automotive repair shop led by ASE certified Master Technician and reality TV star Sarah “Bogi” Lateiner.

Girl Gang Garage provides an environment to empower women to explore opportunities within the welding, automotive, repair, paint and body industries through workshops and activities designed to make skilled trade learning accessible to females of all ages.

The Girl Gang Garage female team installed one of Hunter Industrial’s XP HVLS (high-volume, low speed) series fans to help move air throughout the entire garage.

“We are thrilled to experience the cooling effects of Hunter Industrial’s fan in our garage, especially as we’re gearing up for a hot Arizona summer,” says Bogi Lateiner. “We look forward to partnering with Hunter Industrial to create a more comfortable working environment for our women to do their best work.”

Lateiner has been a professional mechanic since 2001, a shop owner since 2006 and a TV host on Velocity Network’s show, “All Girls Garage” since 2012. Focused on championing women in the automotive industry, Lateiner led a team of 90 women to build a 1957 Chevy pickup powered by a BMW S62 engine that was released at an industry trade show in 2017.

“We’re delighted to partner with Bogi to support more women in developing their skills and talents in a variety of trade career paths,” says Anne Brannan, marketing manager for Hunter Industrial. “We look forward to supporting Girl Gang Garage through a variety of efforts throughout the year.”

Hunter Industrial launched in 2016 with its debut product, the Titan series HVLS fan. With blade spans ranging from 14 feet to 24 feet, this HVLS fan offers a competitive edge when it comes to efficiency (consuming 50 percent less energy than other HVLS manufacturers), installation cost, weight and maintenance. Its ECO series fan, is an economical industrial fan, ranging in diameter from 8 feet to 24 feet. The XP series fan (installed at Bogi’s Garage) is engineered to deliver year-round HVAC cost savings and installation ease.

To learn more about Bogi Lateiner and Girl Gang Garage, visit the website. More information about Hunter Industrial is available here.

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