Hybrid Lighting System for Off-grid Functionality

Hybrid lighting from Solite

Solite Inc. has introduced its self-contained Lighting Energy Ecosystem, providing blended, balanced daylight and daylight spectrum light through a variety of aesthetically pleasing, proprietary light fixtures.

Patented Solite Technology embraces hybrid lighting with a holistic approach that merges diverse technologies together with smart systems integration. The result is scalable, cost-effective commercialization, not typically accomplished by any one technology alone. The Solite approach serves to maximize savings in the cost of electricity used for lighting using true off-grid functionality.

The company is targeting commercial, industrial and institutional interior spaces, including commercial office, retail, government and educational facilities, but Solite, Inc., also provides renewable lighting energy solutions for a variety of specialized industrial and military applications.

With its first operational system installed at Sky Harbor International Airport last year, Solite is currently engaging a limited number of diverse clients to participate in the rollout of its 2013 pilot program planned for Q2.

Design features of Solite Technology include:

  • Proprietary, multi-vessel rooftop arrays that gather daylight and transport it directly into to building interiors
  • Sophisticated low-voltage control and DC architecture—in switching, dimming, occupancy and daylight sensing, and light-balancing capabilities
  • Advanced energy-storage management
  • Interface options for control integration with facilities management software platforms
  • Power to all interior fixtures with built-in redundancies, making for a lighting source that is fail-safe, secure and dependable


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