IKO Releases Schedule for Profit Power Workshops

IKO has released its U.S. Profit Power Workshops schedule for the remainder of 2019 and Canada locations for Q1 of 2020.

Profit Power Workshops are available to members of IKO’s ROOFPRO Loyalty Program or contractors interested in applying. The curriculum is developed and presented by roofing professionals and subject matter experts. Workshops cover tips from plugging leaks in business profitability to connecting contractors to third-party vendors for business support. The goal of these workshops is to provide insights that attendees can immediately put to work to elevate their company’s profitability and industry knowledge.

“IKO is excited to partner with selected contractors to grow their business’ sales, increase profitability, and offer an extra outlet of support as a part of our new ROOFPRO Program,” states Nicole Gray, Loyalty Program manager at IKO. “Our workshops are a highly anticipated perk for our ROOFPRO members. Trainings benefit both IKO and contractors to bridge the gap in business development and product sales.”

ROOFPRO Profit Power Workshops were established as a means for roofers to glean expert knowledge from industry and business leaders. In addition to technical roofing resources, contractors are able to learn the ins and outs of running a financially successful business. Upcoming workshops will feature IKO’s ROOFPRO Contractor Loyalty Program, mastering homeowner meetings, comprehensive business knowledge and third-party vendor tools and services. 

The upcoming U.S. ROOFPRO Profit Power Workshops are:

  • Sept. 12: Atlanta
  • Oct. 12: Detroit
  • Oct. 22: Dallas
  • Nov. 12: Baltimore

Canada workshop dates for Q1 of 2020 will be announced in coming months. These ROOFPRO Profit Power Workshops will take place in Toronto, ON, Dartmouth, NS, and Calgary, AB.

Contractors looking to continue their learning to benefit their bottom line are encouraged to apply for IKO’s ROOFPRO Program and attend future ROOFPRO Profit Power Workshops. 

To learn more about applying for ROOFPRO membership, visit online.

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