Improve Indoor Air Quality with Energy Recovery Ventilator

Panasonic, a provider of ventilation and healthy indoor living solutions to the building industry, has announced the new Intelli-Balance 200 Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV). The Intelli-Balance 200 is an ERV designed to increase airflow in tightly built homes with both exhaust and supply air. The Intelli-Balance 200 allows builders and homeowners alike to better design and meet ASHRAE 62.2 requirements, improving indoor air quality and reducing ventilation costs. 

The Intelli-Balance 200 is an energy recovery ventilator designed to increase airflow in tightly built homes with both exhaust and supply air.

Designed for single family dwellings and new construction built to meet energy efficiency standards, the Intelli-Balance 200 provides healthy air quality within the home. With its two electronically commutated brushless motors with built-in SmartFlow technology, the ERV offers precision ventilation with low power consumption. The device’s multi-speed selector (60 to 200 Cubic Feet per Minute) provides customizable airflow to create balanced, positive or negative air pressure within the home.   

With the optional, all-new LCD Wall Control Panel, homeowners have instant access to custom ventilation control settings and real-time air flow and temperature monitoring. The occupant-controlled Boost function, with an adjustable timer from 10 to 60 minutes, provides increased ventilation on demand with the tap of a button ensuring balanced airflow.

The Intelli-Balance 200 also facilitates simplicity from the builder’s perspective with a mounting bracket that supports three installation options. The ERV can be floor, wall or ceiling mounted and does not require connection to the Central HVAC or the addition of a condensation line. This allows it to be installed in many places throughout the home to meet space and design requirements. For additional installation flexibility, the device also has adjustable supply and return air adaptors.

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