Incorporate Tate Raised Floors and Airflow Solutions in 3-D Designs

A new Autodesk Revit content library accessible through Tate, a manufacturer of raised floors and airflow management solutions, and a connection to the Autodesk Seek web service are enabling design professionals to incorporate Tate products in data-rich, intelligent 3-D models consistent with the Revit Model Content Style Guide (RMCSG) version 2.1.

“Tate is proud to offer intelligent BIM families for its new directional airflow and ConCore panels and understructure,” says Scott Alwine, LEED AP, marketing manager at Tate. “The Autodesk Revit library allows users to access and include Tate products in their Revit projects without leaving the software. By taking advantage of the application’s scalable capabilities, design professionals can explore and visualize design options more quickly, making it easier to facilitate design changes and decision making.”

In developing the Tate Revit content library, Tate consulted with architects and designers to ensure the models would address the needs of the design community and provide a higher level of details in their projects. Users can insert Tate products into their project, zoom in for accuracy and see the intricate details, or zoom out for a higher-level overview of the entire space. They can also output realistic 3D renderings to share with clients.

“With increasing frequency, architects, engineers and other design professionals are relying on BIM to bring their designs to life,” Alwine notes. “Revit Architecture facilitates this process and provides information critical to spec writing. As a market leader, it made sense for Tate to make its products available as Revit libraries and enhance new technologies that support BIM.”

The Autodesk Seek web service enables users to search for product specifications and models for design sessions in Autodesk Revit software.

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