Industrial Wood Coatings Center on Soothing Color Palettes

Axalta, a global supplier of liquid and powder coatings, has introduced Wood Vibes: Blossom, the 2022 edition of its Industrial Wood Coatings color trends campaign, which focuses on home interior color trends, including wood finishing trends. The new collection is inspired by nature, centering on soft, neutral and soothing color palettes that will induce the feeling of comfort and wellbeing as the world continues to navigate through unprecedented events and consumers seek healing and harmony in the world.

Axalta has introduced Wood Vibes: Blossom is Axalta’s 2022 edition of its industrial wood color trends campaign, which is inspired by nature and centers on soft, neutral and soothing color palettes.

The global pandemic has changed the way people experience life and has transformed many aspects of home design. The pandemic’s impact on emotions and behaviors has formed a desire for balancing and renewal. Wood Vibes: Blossom is inspired by the restorative power of  horticulture. As people long for comfort and healing, research has proven that flowers and plants have a positive impact on well-being. Using specific hues of flowers invites good vibes into a home. 

The Wood Vibes: Blossom color palette includes:

  • White Magnolia uses the purest of whites to design a clean and calm space. 
  • The Thistle Beige collection incorporates various neutral hues, inspiring feelings of positivity and balance. 
  • The Heather Brown earthly palette represents earth tones providing a comforting and nurturing ambiance. 
  • A combination of pink and purple make up the Lavender Bush collection, creating a renewed palette of a healing and a soothing environment. 
  • The Blue Hydrangea collection is classic and cozy, forming a relaxing energy in a home.  
  • The Green Cactus collection evokes a sense of cleanliness with elegant, yet soothing soft green hues. 
  • The Gray Santolina collection is minimalistic and neutral, providing personality and warmth to any place. 
  • Black Rose is dominant and dramatic, providing boldness and elegance to a home.

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