Interior Wall Panels Have Protected Edges

Inpro Corp.'s Palladium wall panelsInpro Corp.'s Palladium wall panels

Inpro Corp.'s Palladium wall panels

Inpro Corp.’s Palladium wall panels

InPro Corp. has forged a peace between designers who want elegant-looking walls and the facility crews who must maintain them. The company’s new Palladium Wall Panel System combines Edge Protectant Technology, or fully wrapped and bonded edges, with a balanced construction and Class-A Fire Rating to offer high-class looks without the high maintenance.

Most wall panels are constructed with surface material that is not bonded to the edges of their particleboard substrate. During installation, these edges are damaged when the surface material gets snagged or when panels get dropped, and entire panels must be replaced. These non-bonded edges also expose the underlying particleboard to moisture damage from mold, mildew and bacteria growth.

InPro’s Palladium Wall Panels are specially manufactured with Edge Protectant Technology; their edges are fully wrapped and bonded for durability. Palladium Wall Panels also offer a “balanced construction” because the surface material is applied to the back of the particleboard, as well. This is proven to reduce warping and increase durability.


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