JET Features Steel Frame Bandsaws for a Range of Woodcutting Tasks

JET 15, 18 and 20 inch Steel Frame Bandsaws

JET 15, 18 and 20 inch Steel Frame Bandsaws

The family of JET 15, 18 and 20 inch Steel Frame Bandsaws features large resaw capacities and table dimensions. These bandsaws include a dual-position fence, four-sided blade guard, dual 4 inch dust collection ports, paddle off-switch with safety key and steel frame construction.

Added resaw and rip capabilities enable the JET bandsaws to accurately and efficiently perform a wide range of woodcutting tasks. They’re ideal for cutting large pieces of wood to size, slicing veneers, sawing curves for cabinetry and furniture, creating intricate scrollwork and cutting book matched panels.

Resaw height of the JET 15 inch bandsaws has been increased to 14 inches, which is 4 inches larger than previous models. The 18 inch and 20 inch bandsaws boast 16 inches resaw capacity.

The 15 inch bandsaw’s table measures 21½ inches long by 16 inches wide, while the table of the 18 inch and 20 inch saws measures 27¼ inches long by 20 inches wide. The cast-iron tables are ground for flatness and tilt 0-45 degrees right and 0-5 degrees left. A standard miter slot is provided.

A 4½ inch handwheel and readable scale provide the ability to make table angle adjustments. The 15 inch bandsaw’s table height is 35 inches from the floor and the tables of the 18 and 20 inch saws are set at 37 inches.

All of the bandsaws are equipped with extruded aluminum, dual-position fences that can be used flat for inlays and furring strips or upright for crown molding and other materials. The fences slide on a steel guard rail and are fully adjustable with a laser-etched scale and micro-adjust feature.

The floor-standing bandsaws have rugged steel frames and wide bases that provide stability for smooth operation and work support, while minimizing vibration. Cast iron blade wheels are precisely machined and computer balanced to reduce vibration and ensure accurate blade tracking. They are equipped with polyurethane tires.

The saws are driven by single-phase motors ranging from 1¾ to 5 horsepower, prewired for 115 or 230V service. A paddle off-switch with safety key is provided on all models.

Blade tension adjustments are made by turning a handwheel and setting a tensioning scale, which can be viewed through an upper door window. A quick release has three settings: full tension, partial tension and full release. This is provided for making blade changes and relaxing the blade when not in use. The slotted table allows for front blade removal.

Upper and lower, ball-bearing blade guides are independently adjustable and tool-free. The saws also are equipped with four-sided blade guards. Single-knob adjustment assists the blade tracking process, and a blade tracking window provides a view of the blade during tracking.

Dual 4 inch diameter dust ports, located at the back of the bandsaw, connect to a dust collection system and require a minimum capacity of 400 CFM.

The JET 15, 18 and 20 inch Steel Frame Bandsaws are CSA certified. They are covered by a 5 year warranty, as well as JET’s RED Assurance.

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