Johnson Controls Products Support the Needs of Data Centers

Johnson Controls has announced a range of industry-focused products to support the needs of data centers. Developed in response to data center customers facing the challenge of complex environments and water scarcity, these products help data centers lower power and water usage effectiveness (PUE and WUE) as well as total cost of ownership (TCO). Our products also provide data centers with fire suppression solutions.

Operations, maintenance and repair services reduce unplanned downtime, increase asset life and reliability, and ensure productive environments. With data-enabled analytics customers can choose from a suite of predictive maintenance applications such as Smart Connected Chillers; Enterprise Management; HVAC Vibration Analysis; Metasys Performance Verification; Predictive Utility Cost Optimization and Remote Operations Services.

“Co-location, enterprise and cloud data center companies all have challenges that come with high growth,” says Michael Zarrilli, executive director, Data Center Solutions, Johnson Controls. “From low-noise fire suppression systems to smart HVAC equipment to robust on-site services, our broad, specialized portfolio of integrated solutions helps minimize costs, maximize performance and deliver on our promise of enabling smarter, safer and more reliable data centers.”

Products designed specifically for data centers include:

YORK Mission Critical Direct Evaporative Cooling (DEC) Air Handling Units (AHUs) yield a partial-power usage effectiveness (pPUE) of less than 1.1. YORK Mission Critical Air Handling Units are designed to meet phased data center expansion strategies and feature high media efficiency to reduce water usage.

The YORK YVFA Free-cooling VSD Screw Chiller uses integrated air-to-liquid free cooling coils to reduce or eliminate the need for mechanical cooling when ambient conditions allow. Intelligent controls optimize energy use year-round, constantly evaluating conditions and reducing compressor and fan speeds to provide efficient unit operation throughout the entire chiller operating range.

The ANSUL Acoustic Nozzle, in combination with an INERGEN Fire Suppression System, can be used to suppress fires in server rooms and data centers where sound levels may affect sensitive electronic equipment. The Acoustic Nozzle directs an inert gas agent into the hazard area and reduces the sound level compared with standard nozzles.

During a fire event, it’s critical the hazard is suppressed without damaging equipment. The AquaMist Ultra Low Flow (ULF) is an FM-approved pre-action, high-pressure solution that releases up to 80 percent less water compared to a traditional pre-action system.

Johnson Controls Enterprise Management is a cloud-based platform that analyzes building data and helps find opportunities for improved performance. It can identify and diagnose equipment problems and help take corrective action to fix them.

As surges in server density put pressure on existing cooling infrastructure, Johnson Controls Central Plant Optimization (CPO) can offer improved power usage effectiveness and better use of existing infrastructure to meet growing cooling loads. CPO takes a holistic approach to dispatching plant equipment and set points to minimize energy and water costs for the cooling plant based on future predicted loads, weather and utility prices.

Johnson Controls Connected Security Solution gets ahead of security events with a monitoring client that employs a risk algorithm, machine learning, and external data to protect from threats to your data center, including insider threats. Enhanced Insider Security from Johnson Controls is a solution that generates real time locations of people and assets from wireless sensors, analyzes the data and creates custom alerts of suspicious or unauthorized behavior.

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