Kolbe Adds Two AIA/CES Courses to Designing Better Spaces Series

As a registered American Institute of Architects Continuing Education System (AIA/CES) provider, Kolbe has announced the addition of two courses. These presentations provide AIA Learning Units (LU) as required per state and/or professional memberships to meet yearly requirements. One of the courses also offers Health, Safety & Welfare (HSW) credits.

Kolbe has developed a Designing Better Spaces Series that includes two different course selections; “Unique Door & Window Applications,” and “Customized, Personalized Windows & Doors.” Those who complete both courses will be able to identify best practices that can be applied to their work environments and will receive two LUs.

“Our Designing Better Spaces Series educates building owners, architects and builders on the role that windows and doors play in enhancing the overall experience of the living space,” states Product and Market Specialist at Kolbe Windows & Doors, Nick Pesl.

Pesl continues, “‘Unique Door & Window Applications’ discusses the benefits of integrating windows and doors to achieve designed spaces. Attendees will recognize how to design and incorporate better spaces in homes using windows and doors, and how to determine what products or options can fulfill their clients’ vision.” Other objectives include solving architectural design challenges by selecting the correct products, and understanding the capabilities, services and solutions that window and door manufacturers can provide.

“Customized, Personalized Windows & Doors,” covers customization possibilities and discusses how specific products and options can enhance the outcome of a project. Aesthetics and performance will be addressed in reference to each region of the country. Functional contributions of windows toward green, environmental and sustainable design standards, as well as the health, safety and welfare of occupants will be explored. “This course also presents some client ideas that have become reality,” adds Pesl.

“The fenestration industry is innovating, and with the application of updated material and design technologies, Kolbe strives to present products, options and solutions for any type of project,” concludes Pesl.

To view a listing of AIA/CES courses, please visit the AIA Continuing Education Courses page or visit here for more information on Kolbe products.

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