LaCantina Donates Folding Door System to ABC Green Home Project

LaCantina Doors (LaCantina) has provided a Contemporary Clad folding door system to the ABC (Affordable, Buildable, Certifiable) Green Home Project. In collaboration with Habitat for Humanity of Orange County, this pro bono project will be given to a U.S. military veteran and his family.

The ABC Green Home Project’s mission is to design and build a series of Net-Zero-Energy homes that serve as examples of affordable homes while giving back to the veteran community. This project is designed to be a learning tool as California prepares to meet 2020 mandates that require all new homes be Net Zero Energy, meaning they must produce more energy than they consume.

Designed and built from the ground up, the Eichler-inspired home embraces elements of nature by capturing and utilizing breezes to cool and constantly freshen the home’s interior. The south-facing roof areas provide a location for the solar panels that add to the home’s sustainable footprint by generating power to offset the electric bill and help mitigate the greenhouse effect.

LaCantina offered a solution to meet energy goals for this project. The company’s Contemporary Clad narrow stile and rail profile design provides natural daylighting and 2-¼-inch thick panels increase thermal performance for maximum energy efficiency

The ABC Green Home showcases best practices in performance home building design, technology, and construction, and will be used to educate and train builders, students, industry groups and the public. The home will be rated by the six leading energy ratings organizations including LEED, ENERGY STAR, Build it Green, The DOE’s Builder Challenge, Wellness Within Your Walls and The National Green Building Standard (NGBS).

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