Large-footprint Solar Panel Performs at Least at Name Plate Value

MAGE SOLAR, a turnkey provider of coordinated PV system solutions, has released a special high-wattage version of its signature MAGE POWERTEC PLUS module.

The new 72-cell 285W polycrystalline module delivers the proven performance strengths that all MAGE SOLAR modules feature but with the bigger footprint it reduces labor time and therefore installation costs. Just like other modules from the MAGE POWERTEC PLUS product family, the module distinguishes itself with zero to +5W tolerance for maximum power generation, meaning that it always performs at least at name plate value and in most cases above. Besides a 10-year product guarantee, the MAGE SOLAR PV-module also guarantees 90 percent for 12 years and 30 years for 80 percent of its power output.


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