Leader in Indoor Air Quality and Energy Efficiency for enVerid Systems Is Recognized

enVerid Systems Inc. announced that its Director of System Performance and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Dr. Marwa Zaatari, has been selected by The NEWS as a member of its 2017 Top 40 Under 40. The award recognizes the young professionals that are driving the HVAC industry into the next generation.
Dr. Zaatari is at the forefront of developing strategies to enable buildings to reach the optimal energy cost for the maximum IAQ benefits. She brings her expertise to companies around the world through her research, analysis and speaking engagements. Recognized for her leadership in the industry, Dr. Zaatari is sought after to present her research at conferences and her reports have been published by industry associations and peer-reviewed publications.
In addition, Dr. Zaatari is shaping the next performance-based HVAC standards by serving on a variety of industry committees, including as the Chair of the Indoor Air Quality Procedure (IAQP) Committee for the U.S. Green Building Council; Vice Chair of the IAQP Working Group for the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE); voting member for the ASHRAE Technical Committee for Gaseous Air Contaminants and Gas Contaminant Removal Equipment; and voting member for the ASHRAE Standard 62.1 Sub-committee.
“Indoor air quality is a part of the HVAC industry and Dr. Marwa Zaatari is a leader in this area,” said Kyle Gargaro, editor-in-chief, The NEWS. “I realize I am partial, but I think this list really highlights those coming up in the industry, and the winners are doing great things for HVAC.”
“I am honored to be selected to this year’s The NEWS Top 40 Under 40,” says Dr. Zaatari. “Throughout my career, I have pursued my passion for integrating energy efficiency with indoor air quality. I hope to continue to deliver on this vision by establishing industry standards, mentoring of others through speaking and events, and implementing control strategies that can achieve energy savings, while also improving IAQ in buildings, where people spend 90 percent of their lives.”
Because people spend so much of their time indoors, IAQ is critical to ensuring people’s health, productivity and satisfaction. In fact, a 2015 study by Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health demonstrated that improved IAQ in buildings can boost the cognitive performance and productivity of building occupants by 101 percent. Low carbon dioxide (CO2) levels alone produced a 99 percent increase in performance when compared to high CO2 levels. A 2012 study from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory showed similar results for CO2, and several other studies have shown air pollution directly affects productivity, in addition to health risks.  
Dr. Zaatari has made strides to address these issues as director of system performance and IAQ at enVerid, where she manages energy and IAQ measurements for the company’s HVAC Load Reduction (HLR) technology, which reduces HVAC energy consumption and maintains IAQ in commercial, educational and government buildings. The HLR module is a solution that can capture and remove all molecular contaminants from indoor air, such as CO2, aldehydes, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and particulate matter (PM2.5), thereby reducing the outside air intake required for ventilation by 60 to 80 percent while improving IAQ, and enabling 20 to 30 percent annual HVAC energy savings.
Dr. Zaatari leverages her knowledge of IAQ and building energy and environmental management to assess the performance of the HLR technology for enVerid’s customers. In doing so, she is able to provide direction to help reduce energy and water consumption, improve IAQ in buildings and reduce our carbon footprint and greenhouse gases.

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