LED Flat Panel for Lay-in and Grid Ceilings

MaxLite introduces the DesignLights Consortium- (DLC-) certified Direct Lit LED Flat Panel Performance Series with enhanced lumen output to replace fluorescent fixtures in lay-in and grid ceilings in offices, schools, libraries, hospitals and health-care facilities. MaxLite adds the Flat Panel Performance Series to its extensive list of DLC-approved LED indoor and outdoor luminaires that qualify for utility rebates across North America.

The Performance Series is offered in a full line of standard sizes in 3500K, 4100K and 5000K correlated color temperatures (CCT); build to order sizes are available upon request. The fixtures are constructed with translucent white lenses and high-rank, narrowly binned LEDs for crisp color rendering and uniformity. The satin polycarbonate face frame with steel housing enables durability, optimal heat sink and long life, while the modular construction ensures easy maintenance and replacement. The fully dimmable fixtures are compatible with building controls, motion sensors, timers and daylight harvesting systems, and up to 20 panels can be synchronized to a master panel so they can operate as one system.

View the data sheets: www.maxlite.com/PDFs/DataSheets/MLFP14DP.pdf, www.maxlite.com/PDFs/DataSheets/MLFP22DP.pdf; www.maxlite.com/PDFs/DataSheets/MLFP24DP.ds.pdf.

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