LED Lensed Troffer for Sustainable Recessed Lighting

Columbia Lighting has introduced the LLT Series LED Lensed Troffer, a full family of sustainable recessed lighting products that combines solid state lighting technology and efficacies for attractive interior applications. The LLT Series is available in three classic sizes (1 by 4 foot, 2 by 2 foot, 2 by 4 foot) with a versatile aesthetic appearance that is ideal for office, retail, education, health-care and general-purpose illumination. Engineered with the energy-saving advantages of LED light sources, the LLT Series reduces maintenance costs and downtime compared to standard fluorescent luminaires bringing the advantages of LED ambient lighting to new construction and retrofit applications.

Delivering L80 performance for up to 50,000 hours of light, the LLT family exceeds LRC color consistency recommendations for visually complex scenes with a CRI of 82 and efficacies up to 95 lumens per watt. The LLT Series offers up to four lumen packages from 1900 to 4700 nominal lumens with appropriate output ranges for general ambient lighting in many types of architectural conditions. The lower lumen packages are ideal for low ceilings, corridors or low-ambient-light locations. Medium and high lumen packages trend toward standard general lighting. Very high lumen packages provide an energy-efficient solution for high ceilings, high light level needs, retail or health care.

In addition to being compatible to a full range of standard controls and sensors, the LLT family of products may be factory-enabled with Hubbell Lighting’s integrated wiHUBB control system that allows users to wirelessly group, zone and dim as part of a larger peer-to-peer self-healing wireless mesh network system. This plug-and-play functionality can be configured to achieve energy savings virtually immediately, delivering high-quality ambient white light for general illumination applications while reducing energy consumption, maintenance costs and a building’s environmental footprint.

Designed for ease of installation and maintenance, the LLT Series features a hinged optical system that allows easy access to electrical components from below the ceiling and features an easy-to-replace driver and LED board that further simplifies upgrades or maintenance and eliminates waste from “throwaway” fixtures. The LLT Series also provides a variety of aesthetic and design choices with two attractive lens options that provide uniform appearance without pixilation and three door options: Flush Steel, Flush Aluminum and Recessed Aluminum.


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