LED Luminaires Offer Energy Savings

Cooper Lighting's Metalux SkyRidge luminairesCooper Lighting's Metalux SkyRidge luminaires

Cooper Lighting's Metalux SkyRidge luminaires

Cooper Lighting’s Metalux SkyRidge luminaires

Power management company Eaton has announced that its Cooper Lighting division has introduced Metalux SkyRidge luminaires. Featuring patented WaveStream light-emitting diode (LED) technology, the high-efficiency fixtures offer customers a stylish, affordable alternative to fluorescent fixtures. They provide superior optical control, resulting in maximum energy savings and design flexibility for ambient applications.

WaveStream LED technology transforms the LED point source into an elegant luminous plane. A patented optical system maximizes the amount of light injected into the WaveStream panel, dramatically improving luminaire efficiency. Laser-precise, patented AccuAim optics arranged in exacting patterns provide unparalleled brightness control while delivering distributions to each fixture and application.

The Metalux SkyRidge high efficacy luminaires provide up to 109 lumens per watt (lm/W), offering energy savings of more than 50 percent compared to traditional fluorescent troffer-type products. The series is available in 2 by 2 feet and 2 by 4 feet configurations with 3000 Kelvin (K), 3500K and 4000K Correlated Color Temperatures (CCT) choices at a typical 85 Color Rendering Index (CRI). The contemporary-looking fixtures feature a choice of two unique reflector choices (curved or rectilinear/straight) and are compatible with all of today’s popular ceiling systems. The fixtures are available in four standard lumen packages, including 2,000; 2,900; 3,900 and 4,800 based on the configuration, with four additional made-to-order packages. Fixtures have a five-year warranty and retain a high lumen output at 60,000 hours.

The SkyRidge luminaires are equipped with a zero to 10 volt standard dimming driver for control with wall dimmers from Eaton’s Cooper Wiring Devices business and occupancy and/or daylight sensors, lighting control panels and Greengate Room Controllers from Eaton’s Cooper Lighting Controls business. A Fifth Light™ Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) driver option is available for complete digital energy management using the scalable Fifth Light controllers and software.


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