LED Solutions for Downlighting Applications

Prescolite's AC line voltage LiteBox LED downlight module (LB6LEDA8L) from Hubbell LightingPrescolite's AC line voltage LiteBox LED downlight module (LB6LEDA8L) from Hubbell Lighting

Prescolite's AC line voltage LiteBox LED downlight module (LB6LEDA8L) from Hubbell Lighting

Prescolite’s AC line voltage LiteBox LED downlight module (LB6LEDA8L) from Hubbell Lighting

Hubbell Lighting has introduced three high-performance Prescolite LED solutions for downlighting applications—a high output architectural D2LED Series fixture using Xicato’s new LED module, an AC line voltage LiteBox LED downlight module (LB6LEDA8L) and a commercial-grade wall wash LiteFrame LED fixture (LC6LED).

Prescolite has added a high output version (1200 lumens) using Xicato’s ultra-efficient Rev C module to its award winning 2-inch specification-grade LED downlight D2LED Series. With Prescolite’s high output D2LED, it’s now possible to experience a whole new dimension in lighting design for architectural applications—minimal aperture size, 32W CFL/75W halogen MR16 equivalent light output, high efficiency, and perfect illumination from ceiling heights up to 20 feet. The 2-inch aperture size allows designers and architects to create ceilings with a clean, unobtrusive appearance. The high output fixture is also available in the D2LED wall wash and A2LED adjustable to provide a full family of downlighting options.

Prescolite has added to its LiteBox LED downlight products with the introduction of the LB6LEDA8L. The LB6LEDA8L is the premiere downlight solution for new construction, as well as retrofit applications with existing 6-inch recessed housings. The LiteBox’s high 825 lumen output and distribution are comparable to a 65W halogen BR lamp, while consuming only 13 watts of energy, making it the perfect energy efficient choice for light commercial environments. The downlight is available in 3000K with an 80+ CRI, provides flicker-free dimming to 15 percent with most standard dimmers, is suitable for temperatures up to 25 C and wet locations, comes in several trim colors, and can be configured as a fire rated fixture or cylinder. The AC line voltage version LB6LEDA8L will have a lower price point, is ENERGY STAR qualified (in white) and complies with California Title 24 requirements when used with the DBXQL housing.

Prescolite has also introduced a wall wash version of its LiteFrame Commercial fixture (LC6LED) as well as an option for integral remote emergency battery backup. The 6-inch LED commercial downlight has a 1000-1600 lumen output and uses either 36, 54, or 72 low power Nichia LEDs, specifically mixed to provide a minimum of 80+ CRI with 3 SCDM color consistency. The fixture is wiHUBB compatible; ENERGY STAR-qualified; has a minimum 50,000 hour life at 70 percent lumen maintenance; and comes in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K temperatures.


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