LED Track Head Is Smaller and Delivers Consistent Beams

Intense Lighting's MB Mini (MBM)Intense Lighting's MB Mini (MBM)

Intense Lighting's MB Mini (MBM)

Intense Lighting’s MB Mini (MBM)

Intense Lighting Inc., a manufacturer of award-winning LED specification grade lighting solutions, announces the nationwide launch of the MB Mini (MBM), a high performance, precision-engineered compact version of the award-winning MB LED track head luminaire. Designers will find the MB Mini to be an ideal lighting solution for a variety of commercial, hospitality, retail and residential applications. Dimmable, cost-effective and energy-efficient, the MB Mini is a features-rich LED alternative or replacement for a 20W ceramic metal halide fixture or 50W MR-16.

With lighting trends moving toward scaled-down and more versatile luminaires, the MB Mini is smaller and less intrusive than anything else in the product line today. While featuring the same precision optics as the award-winning MB series, the MB mini delivers crisp, clean and consistent beams with minimal field angle. The MB Mini offers 900 (12W) or 1200 (18W) delivered lumens. Multiple CCTs are available and feature a 3-step Macadam Ellipse tolerance to ensure accuracy of color consistency while eliminating light or color variances from fixture to fixture. CCT options include 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K.

The MB Mini also features an impressive set of CRI (color rendering index) options including 82 and 92 (92 CRI only available in 2700K and 3000K). The premium 92 CRI delivers a high color rendering LED light source, comparable to that of the best conventional lamps available today. Along with high R1 – R8 values for the typical pastel colors that make up CRI, the 92 CRI array beautifully renders the saturated colors of the additional R9-R16 components. 92 CRI is recommended for special applications such as museum and high-end retail lighting.

The MB Mini offers an operating life at a minimum 50,000 hours at 70% lumen maintenance, far surpassing the life of halogen and metal halide luminaires. When compared to traditional lamp sources, the MB Mini features long life, instant on, low heat, controllability, dimming capabilities, no UV or IR and exceptional energy efficiency.

Other features of the MB Mini include impressive dimming capabilities and the ability to accommodate a maximum of two filter media with no holder required. As with all of its interior lighting products, the MB Mini carries Intense Lighting’s new extended 10-year product warranty.


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