LED Track Luminaire Developed for Challenging Applications

WAC Lighting’s Argos LED track luminaireWAC Lighting’s Argos LED track luminaire

WAC Lighting’s Argos LED track luminaire

WAC Lighting’s Argos LED track luminaire

WAC Lighting’s Argos features a rectangular form derived from the optimal format for LED design on a PCB for thermal to surface area ratios. This LEDme 120-volt track luminaire was developed for the most challenging applications in upscale residential and commercial environments.

Argos is engineered with minimal components, perfectly balanced precision aiming and a single diffuser that can be easily removed with a tool-free mechanism if required.

Constructed of die-cast aluminum, the 25-watt Argos delivers the ultimate in high performance with up to 1525 lumens, outstanding color rendering with a CRI of up to 85, a fixture efficacy up to 60 lumens per watt and a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours.

Built to accommodate any modification to an application, Argos is offered in a variety of lighting distributions, color temperatures and designer finishes. Available with two interchangeable beam angles that can be easily swapped out in the field and four color temperatures that can be retrofitted with replacement LED modules, the luminaire can also be dimmed with an electronic low voltage dimmer.

Argos features a lockable hot aiming mechanism with 360-degree horizontal rotation and a 180-degree vertical tilt for precision aiming.

Argos is compatible with all of WAC Lighting’s line voltage track systems, and can be retrofitted to work with the most popular track systems in the marketplace today.

Argos is backed by WAC’s five-year warranty.


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