LED Troffers Install without Ceiling Alterations

Cree Inc.'s ZR Series LED trofferCree Inc.'s ZR Series LED troffer

Cree Inc.'s ZR Series LED troffer

Cree Inc.’s ZR Series LED troffer

Cree Inc. is redefining commercial lighting with the ZR Series LED troffer, delivering a new category of performance, affordability and inspired design. Featuring Cree TrueWhite Technology, the ZR Series LED troffer delivers superior color quality (> 90 CRI) in an ultra slim, sleek package at a remarkable initial price of $99.* The ZR Series LED troffer cuts energy consumption in half, and with standard 0-10V dimming can accelerate its already rapid two-year payback.**

The ZR Series LED troffer’s thin 3.9-inch height and lightweight design enables faster installation without costly ceiling alterations. Offering a quick and easy one-for-one replacement of inefficient fluorescent troffers in education, health-care and commercial building applications, the ZR Series LED troffer simplifies installation and significantly reduces labor costs during its 75,000-hour lifetime in all 1- by 4-foot, 2- by 4-foot and 2- by 2-foot configurations.

The Cree ZR Series LED troffer is sold through Cree lighting sales channels throughout the U.S. and Canada.


*Configurations starting at $99 for distributors
** Energy consumption and payback calculated against a fluorescent three-lamp fixture (with lamp and ballast equal to 88 system watts) and based on typical commercial usage of 12 hours per day and $0.11 per kWh electric costs.

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