LED Wallpacks Feature Heat Sink

LED wallpack with heat sinkAccess Fixtures' LED wallpack with heat sink

LED wallpack with heat sink

Access Fixtures’ LED wallpack with heat sink

Access Fixtures has expanded its product line with more LG LED wallpacks joining the lineup of ecoWedge LED wallpacks. The new wallpacks use standard designs that architects and designers are familiar with, but now instead of a glass panel with the lamp behind it, the glass is replaced with a heat sink and externally mounted LG LED light engines. The result is wallpacks that feature superior color rendering, very low maintenance, and extreme energy savings in traditionally designed wallpacks. Additionally, with the light engines mounted on the outside these wallpacks offer 10 percent more efficacy than LED wallpacks that push the light through glass.

The wallpacks feature 70+ CRI LG light engines and Philips Advance drivers housed in a die-cast aluminum housing finished in a DuPont finish. Each light engine module emits 1000 lumens per module using only 12 watts. LG light engines are rated for 50,000 hours. Total light output of the wallpack is determined by the number of light-engine modules installed. All wall packs are IP67 rated for outdoor use and are RoHS compliant.


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