LEDs Designed for Use with Ceilings Greater than 10 Feet

Xicato's Artist Series of LED modulesXicato's Artist Series of LED modules

Xicato's Artist Series of LED modules

Xicato’s Artist Series of LED modules

Xicato, a developer of LED modules, announced it has expanded its Artist Series portfolio of LED modules, adding a 2000-lumen module to give interior designers and lighting professionals the option to offer high-quality light in general lighting applications. Installations with higher ceilings—greater than 10 feet—and fewer light points can now accommodate a better grade of lighting than is possible with fluorescent or ceramic metal halide (CMH) sources.

As these latter light sources have been increasingly used in commercial and residential settings to save energy and reduce costs, there has been an associated loss of comfort and natural feel to the light they produce. Xicato has utilized the science of color and light, phosphors and solid-state technology to create its Artist Series and bring back the natural lighting that people prefer.

The light from Xicato’s Artist Series LED modules is virtually indistinguishable from halogen, is more energy efficient, and delivers color consistency and longevity that greatly exceeds what’s possible with halogen lamps. The color rendering index (CRI) is the most often used measure of light quality and the Artist Series has a CRI ? 95 as measured against all 15 official reference colors. Fluorescent and CMH color rendering is typically based on only eight of the 15 CRI reference colors. The Artist Series virtual match to halogen across all 15 color points is one of the many reasons the light feels more natural.

Xicato believes the expectation for quality light should extend to ambient lighting, in addition to accent and spot lighting, and has filled its Artist Series range with flux levels between 700 and 3000 lumens. Compromising good light to achieve efficiency is no longer necessary, and end-users should no longer need to make the tradeoff.

Initially, Xicato’s Artist Series was a favorite of museum curators around the world for whom the nature of light is critical to the success of the display. Use of the Artist Series has expanded to the retail, hospitality and healthcare segments as higher efficiency and flux options became available. In retail and hospitality settings, customer experience and comfort is essential to business growth and success, and in each, it is now possible to illuminate larger spaces with more natural light that makes color look right and brings energy to the environment.

Xicato’s Artist Series is complemented by its Standard Series and Vibrant Series, each providing light that enables lighting designers, interior designers and others to achieve the desired emotional impact for their environments. Current datasheets and product information are available directly from Xicato.


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