LEDs to Replace Incandescent Bulbs

Litetronics LED A-Line A15Litetronics LED A-Line A15

Litetronics LED A-Line A15

Litetronics LED A-Line A15

LITETRONICS International, a manufacturer of energy-efficient long-life lighting products, has introduced the LED A-Line A15 bulbs to replace incandescents. These LEDs are designed to replace 40-watt incandescents, and deliver impressive energy cost savings of up to 90 percent for restaurants, hotels, cinemas and a wide variety of general lighting applications.

The LEDs small size and vibration-resistance make them ideal for ceiling fans, wall sconces and decorative lighting applications while their advanced driver enables excellent, flicker-free dimming comparable to an incandescent bulb.

The new bulbs are stocked in the top-selling 2700K, 3000K color temperatures with 4100K and 5000K available on a make-to-order basis. They feature a long average rated life of 25,000 hours (lasting up to 17 times as long as standard incandescents); a three-year warranty; and meet the ANSI form factor for their shape for quick, easy incandescent replacements.


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