Legrand Acquires Solarfective Products Limited Shading Systems

Legrand, North America announced that it has acquired Solarfective Products Limited. Solarfective will become part of Legrand, North America’s Building Control Systems business.

Daylighting is now part of the evolving energy codes requiring coordination of passive sources with artificial lighting. The integration of Solarfective’s shading systems with Legrand’s active lighting control will enable Legrand to coordinate these various lighting systems, providing architects, designers, specifiers, and facility managers with a broad, strategic range of energy efficient, commercial lighting solutions.

Shades are a key subsystem of high-performance buildings as they help to manage both the thermal load and passive light. Through the addition of Solarfective’s products and expertise, Legrand customers will have access to energy efficient and cost effective shading and lighting control solutions that meet the demanding requirements of codes and high-performance buildings. Moreover, Solarfective’s custom engineered solutions offer customers savings on cost and reduced installation time.

“We are thrilled to be joining Legrand,” said Anise Odeh, owner and president of Solarfective. “I am confident this partnership will continue Solarfective’s growth into new markets and provide further technological advancements in commercial shading and lighting systems integration.”

The combination of Solarfective’s commercial offerings with Legrand’s most recent acquisition of Qmotion Advanced Shading Systems for residential markets, will further position Legrand as a single source provider, offering customers access to the industry’s comprehensive portfolio of shading solutions for virtually any application.

“High-performance buildings and energy codes are continually evolving. This acquisition is about providing our customers integrated solutions for passive and active lighting control to meet the evolving demands of today’s buildings,” said John Selldorff, president and chief executive officer, Legrand, North America. “The solutions Solarfective and Qmotion have brought to Legrand will enable us to be a more strategic partner for all of our commercial and residential customers.”

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