Light Switches Feature Unique Design

adorne light switchesadorne light switches

adorne light switches

adorne light switches

Building upon four years of research in the American market, adorne’s groundbreaking light switches open a new chapter for the homeowner, interior designer and do-it-yourself enthusiast. The collection’s compelling design, innovative technology and simple installation advance the light switch into a meaningful consideration in the home renovation process. By May 2013, adorne will be available in select lighting showrooms and home improvement stores nationwide.

The switch portfolio features seven models, each providing a unique on/off activation and user experience. Standout products in the line include:

  • The Touch Switch uses capacitive touch technology to control lights. Its stunning translucent face operates just like an iPod.
  • The Wave Switch activates lights with the wave of a hand.
  • The SensaSwitch turns lights on and off when people enter or leave the room.
  • The Pop-Out Outlet is popped out when needed, providing three outlets, and pushed back in to fit flush to the wall when not in use.

The collection’s design leads with a distinguishing square switch and outlet that serves as a signature statement for the product line. The switches and outlets are then paired with wall plates that come in 32 striking finishes, including cast metals, natural woods, leather and an array of vibrant hues. The broad range has been designed to fit any decor whether it’s traditional, eclectic, cottage or contemporary. All switches and outlets fit flush within the wall plates, eliminating the need for visible screws, and they fit in existing electrical boxes for fast and easy installation. Finally, to help light the way at night, many adorne switches feature convenient locator lights or all can be combined with an Accent Nightlight.

The collection also includes the adorne Under-Cabinet Lighting System, a flexible, modular track that tucks under kitchen cabinets and delivers lighting, power, and even music without cluttering the backsplash.

www.adornemyhome.com // www.legrand.us

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