Lightweight Cement Features Increased R-Values

Terra Bona Materials has launched Terralite Cement, a lightweight and thermally insulative material that delivers increased R-values and performance compared to conventional lightweight concrete. Terralite has been successfully used in Europe for more than a decade, resulting in energy-cost savings of up to 40 percent, when compared with standard building structures and materials.

Terralite Cement contains a proprietary blend of cement binders; special additives; and a tiny, lightweight aggregate. This gives the cement a range of unique properties, including sound and thermal insulation. The product is easy to mix and place, is moisture-stable and freeze- and thaw-resistant. Appropriate for interior and exterior applications, Terralite is 20 percent the weight of traditional concrete, making it ideal for roofs, floors, walls and geotechnical fill. It offers increased strength, predictable mechanical behavior, significant sound control and is fire-resistant.


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