Lock Technology Makes Smartphones into Electronic Keys

Kwikset's KevoKwikset's Kevo

Kwikset's Kevo

Kwikset’s Kevo

Recognizing that smartphones have become digital extensions of the body, Kwikset has partnered with UniKey Technologies Inc. to transform the smartphone into a key. Available for pre-order now, Kevo is the first deadbolt intelligent enough to communicate with a smartphone and unlock with a simple touch. The user doesn’t even need to remove the smartphone from his or her pocket when unlocking their door.

The Bluetooth-enabled deadbolt allows for an entirely new interface for keys, using the latest Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 technology. The Kevo mobile app turns a smartphone into an electronic key (eKey) and allows the deadbolt to recognize and respond quickly to the touch of a finger, all while communicating seamlessly with the Kevo app in the background of the smartphone.

Kevo is engineered for maximum security and technology performance. Kevo includes UniKey’s patent-pending intelligent positioning technology that detects whether an authorized user is inside or outside of the home before granting access to prevent unauthorized entry. Kevo also uses multiple levels of encryption to increase digital security, and is tested to some of the most stringent lock picking and physical security standards. The lock contains Kwikset’s patented SmartKey re-key technology, which provides security and re-key convenience.

Kevo is compatible with smartphones that support Bluetooth Smart Ready/Bluetooth 4.0 and have the Kevo mobile app installed. The app is currently available for iPhone 4S and 5, as well as the fifth generation iPod touch, third generation or higher iPad and iPad mini. The app will become available for additional devices, pending software upgrades to support Bluetooth Smart Ready/Bluetooth 4.0. Development of the App for Android and Blackberry is currently underway.


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