Los Angeles Bureau of Street Lighting Approves EYE Lighting’s Retrofit Kits

EYE Lighting International, a manufacturer of luminaires, lamps, controls, and related lighting systems, announced that the Los Angeles Bureau of Street Lighting has approved and is purchasing EYE LEDioc Retrofit Kits. The city of Los Angeles has more than 60,000 post-top and pendant lights in their system, and is beginning the process of replacing original high-pressure sodium HID light sources with LEDs.

The EYE LEDioc Solution was designed for retrofit applications, and is the most cost-effective way for cities and municipalities to upgrade their traditional decorative lighting to energy-saving LED lighting. The 42-watt EYE LEDioc Retrofit Kit is available in 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K color temperatures, lists an L70 greater than 50,000 hours, and is dimmable. “The EYE LEDioc Retrofit Kit fits virtually any type of post-top or pendant luminaire without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal or historical significance of the city’s lighting,” says Tom Salpietra, president and COO of EYE Lighting. “Municipalities have told us their lighting systems are important to their residents as well as their ‘green’ initiatives. That’s why we’ve worked with every major manufacturer’s post top designs to retrofit our LEDioc Solution. This bid confirms the LEDioc Retrofit Kit is the premier post-top LED retrofit solution available today.

The city of Los Angeles has taken a national leadership role in upgrading to LED street lighting. The city has achieved energy savings of more than 60 percent on the 150,000 LED luminaires installed to date.

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