Luminaire for Indirect Lighting

Amerlux has introduced FINO, an ultra-shallow asymmetric luminaire that can be wall or ceiling mounted for optimal indirect lighting. FINO delivers light levels to work by without the need of recessed downlighting and is capable of being installed and running the complete length of walls without interfering with the studs. Using LED technology, FINO is ideal for indirect ambient, wall wash or cove lighting applications in private offices and hotel corridors. It is designed with a 5/8-inch depth and can install easily in sheet rock without cutting the studs. Using just 5 watts per foot, FINO features extruded construction and optics to provide the exact fit and finish for hairline joints, as well as an extruded two-piece, trimless mud frame with gear for a clean, architectural look.

www.amerlux.com // (973) 882-5010

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