Luminaires Can Be Suspended or Wall-mounted

Peerless' Bruno LEDPeerless' Bruno LED

Peerless' Bruno LED

Peerless’ Bruno LED

Peerless, a designer and manufacturer of architectural luminaires under the Acuity Brands Inc. umbrella, has released Bruno LED, suspended and wall-mount luminaires well suited for use in a wide variety of environments including commercial offices, schools and hospitality, health-care and retail settings.

Inspired by minimalist master Mies van der Rohe and created following his philosophy of Less is More, Bruno LED luminaires offer less adornment and more advancements while delivering energy-saving efficiency and high quality, high-comfort illumination from a simple, low-profile rectangular form.

The introduction of the Bruno LED luminaires also marks the debut of the Peerless 360? Total System Integration designation that identifies Peerless LED products that feature lighting, controls and technologies all developed by Acuity Brands divisions. Bruno LED luminaires feature nLight control and sensor options; dim-to-black, no-flicker eldoLED drivers; LED boards built by Acuity Brands plus proprietary Softshine optics from Peerless.

Delivering up to 116 lm/W, as low as 0.50 W/ft2 in typical application and 50,000 hours of illumination to L80, Bruno LED luminaires feature a 0-10V eldoLED® driver that is fully dimmable to black and an embedded sensor option for daylight dimming and/or occupancy detection control.

To boost efficiency further, Bruno LED can also be specified with nLight modules to provide network controls connectivity, energy-saving digital lumen management or both. In the suspended model, an optional built-in nLight module allows for easy Cat-5 “plug-and-play” connectivity with nLight control and sensor systems. For the wall version, a standalone nLight module can be ordered from Sensor Switch® to install inside walls. The digital lumen management option provides constant lumen output, extends LED longevity and saves roughly 10 percent in energy use over the luminaire’s lifetime.

To promote visual well-being and help keep eyes thriving, Bruno LED luminaires feature high-performance lenses, film and reflectors to control and diffuse lighting following Softshine optical engineering standards. In typical applications, Bruno LED luminaires meet or exceed the guidelines set forth in the Illuminating Engineering Society’s (IES) Recommend Practice for Office Lighting (RP-1).

Bruno LED luminaires are available with several indirect/direct distribution options as well as with 100 percent direct illumination. Delivered-lumen packages range from 1800 to 4800 lumens. Color temperature options are 3000K, 3500K and 4000K. Color consistency is achieved by an 80+ CRI rating.

Bruno LED luminaires are IES LM-79 tested, CSA/CUS listed, FCC certified and feature Lighting Facts labels issued by the U.S. Department of Energy.


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