Luminaires Disinfect without Sacrificing Light Quality

Leviton has introduced WavePort technology, which allows continuous disinfection without sacrificing visible light quality. This proprietary technology is now available in Certolux MSU-DFX luminaires. Certolux is a lighting brand of Leviton. 

WavePort technology allows continuous disinfection without sacrificing visible light quality.

Pure white light is essential in healthcare settings such as operating rooms and other clinical applications to perform challenging duties and recognize visual health indicators. Older technologies can emit a purple hue which compromises the white light, hindering healthcare professionals from accurately performing their visual tasks involving color recognition. 

Designed with simplicity in mind, fixtures with WavePort are easy to install, with no complicated controls or sensors, while giving you the freedom to use your preferred LEDs, drivers, and controls. This new technology is ideal for clinical healthcare and laboratory settings. Leviton will offer this proprietary technology in other luminaires coming in the next few months.  

This is the most recent innovation in disinfection lighting products from Leviton. The new Certolux MSU-DFX luminaire featuring 365DisInFx UVA Technology helps to disinfect occupied operating rooms. This technology provides a controlled amount of UVA light to reduce the bacteria on surfaces within surgical suites. ­­­The use of this low-energy invisible light near the visible spectrum is suitable for 24-hour human exposure yet dramatically reduces bacteria. 


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