Lutron Electronics Releases Commercial Application Guides

Lutron Electronics, a manufacturer and provider of energy-saving, wireless lighting and shade control, announced the availability of its free, online Commercial Application Guides that will dramatically simplify the process for electrical contractors and engineers to stay up to date with rapidly-changing U.S. energy codes. Designed to provide customers with examples of how Lutron controls can be used to meet or exceed ASHRAE 90.1-2010, IECC 2012 and Title 24-2013 code requirements, the Lutron Commercial Application Guides lay out different spaces and explain the setup of each space and corresponding products in a simple and user-friendly way.

Navigating and staying on top of the latest energy codes and legislation can be a challenge for even the most proficient industry professionals. That is why Lutron continuously updates the Commercial Application Guides to cut through this complexity in a simple and straightforward way. The online guides focus on three major energy codes: ASHRAE 90.1-2010, IECC 2012 and Title 24-2013. Within each guide, users will find an at-a-glance summary of lighting code requirements, followed by room-type specific design examples that will simplify the design, layout, specification and installation of energy code-compliant lighting controls.

Appropriate for use in new construction and retrofit projects, the Lutron Commercial Application Guides help electrical/design-build contractors and engineers:

  • Design and lay-out different code-compliant spaces—from large, multi-purpose conference rooms, and open offices to private offices, corridors, restrooms and other spaces common in commercial buildings.
  • Understand how the lighting controls operate.
  • Learn how to install the system successfully.
  • Identify the right Lutron products to use in each space.
  • Estimate the energy savings achieved with various systems.

“Staying up to date with changing energy legislation while continuing to run a successful business is not easy. Our aim is to do everything we can to empower our customers to continue to grow their businesses with the least amount of obstacles in their way. That’s why we invested so much time and energy into designing and constantly updating this extremely user-friendly guide,” says Brent Protzman, engineering manager.

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