Marvin, Integrity and Infinity Are Now Under One Fenestration Portfolio

In addition to showcasing new product offerings at this year’s International Builders Show (IBS) in Las Vegas, Marvin Windows and Doors and Integrity Windows and Doors unveiled a new Marvin Family of Brands portfolio at the show. This new positioning brings Marvin, Integrity and Infinity Replacement Windows under one fenestration portfolio to better demonstrate the strength and breadth of the company’s product portfolio and variety of solutions available to its customers.

The new Marvin Family of Brands portfolio approach is designed to further strengthen and support the company’s wide range of products and options, and allow all three fenestration brands—Marvin, Integrity and Infinity—to better compete within the marketplace. As part of this new positioning, Marvin has launched a new Marvin Family of Brands website that will allow consumers to easily search for product solutions from all brands at the same time, versus having to visit individual brand’s websites to find the best solution to fit their needs. Instead, each brand has its own site within the larger Family of Brands website that provides detailed and specific information for the user on each individual brand—allowing the user to access the information they need quickly and more intuitively than before. In addition, the website provides a variety of inspiration galleries and sales and support tools for its customers and trade professionals.

“As our company continues to grow and add new and innovative products to our portfolio, we felt it was important to reposition ourselves in a way that would allow us to better serve our customers by offering solutions, and to do it in a way so that whether you are a dealer, a trade professional, or a consumer, you can quickly and easily find the best product to fit your needs,” says Brett Boyum, vice president of marketing for Marvin Windows and Doors. “Our new Family of Brands positioning allows us to demonstrate that whether it is Integrity, Infinity or Marvin, we have a solution that will fit your individual project needs. And it helps us showcase our expansive list of product capabilities and innovations in a way that we weren’t able to do before.”

The new Marvin Family of Brands website is optimized for desktop and mobile devices and includes more intuitive search options, new dealer and trade tools and customer support documents that allow trade professionals and dealers to better serve their customers with easy access to product, warranty and service information. In addition, there are new comparison tools that will allow users to zero in on a product solution that best meets their particular needs, either by window or door type, or by brand.

“For example, let’s say a consumer is building a new home and knows that they would like double hung windows, but they might not know which brand to choose. With the new portfolio approach powered by our website, this particular consumer will be able to search double-hung windows from both Marvin and Integrity, and choose the one that provides the features and options they are looking for,” says Boyum.

Beyond offering product solutions, the Marvin Family of Brands portfolio approach also allows all of the company’s fenestration brands to build off of the strength, history and heritage of the Marvin name, while still allowing each brand to retain its unique aspects and brand equity.

“All three of Marvin’s fenestration brands are built on four generations of innovation and excellence, and all three continually set new standards with quality materials and responsive service,” says Susan Marvin, president of Marvin Windows and Doors. “The Marvin Family of Brands positioning reinforces that common history and heritage and allows all three brands to be stronger because of it.”

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