Marvin’s Ultimate Casement Window Certified by Passive House Institute U.S.

Marvin Windows and Doors has received certification from the Passive House Institute U.S. (PHIUS) for its Ultimate Casement window.

“Windows are a key consideration in passive building design,” says Christine Marvin, director of marketing for Marvin Windows and Doors. “Because our products are made in the USA, Marvin can offer builders a shorter lead time than international manufacturers. And our extensive independent dealer network means we can support the project from the time it’s drawn up until after installation. This is another great example of Marvin working one-on-one with its customers to deliver the perfect windows for each project along with high-tech building solutions.”

Marvin’s Ultimate Casement offers a 10-year warranty on parts and workmanship and 20 years on glass. Marvin also achieves lead times of less than eight weeks.

Marvin’s Clad Ultimate Casement meets PHIUS certification in two zones: Zone 3 and Marine South, per the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) map. The Ultimate Casement is available with tripane glass in a 1 3/8-inch profile or quad glazing with Heat Mirror technology in a 1-inch profile.

For the Ultimate Casement tripane, the product’s performance features include:

  • 1 3/8-inch glass makeup with a combination of Lo?²-272, Lo?-180 and Lo?-i89 with Argon insulating gas fill
  • U-value of 0.18
  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient of 0.349
  • Air infiltration of less than 0.01 cfm/ft?2

For the Ultimate Casement with quad glazing and Heat Mirror, performance features include:

  • 1-inch glass make up, Heat Mirror quad glazing, and a combination of Lo?-180L, HM88, and Lo?-i89 with Krypton gas
  • U-value of 0.19
  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient of 0.420
  • Air infiltration of less than 0.01 cfm/ft?2

Marvin Windows and Doors also offers a wide range of additional windows made in the USA that will meet both the strict European and U.S. standards for passive building. Certifications on those products are pending.

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